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Instructors course

$9,500.00 + taxes

Learn to be a Master Educator in Esthetics

curriculum includes the following:

Part I.  Basic Teaching Skills For Career Education Instructors.

1. The career education instructor

2. The teaching plan and learning environment.

3. Teaching study and testing skills.

4. Basic learning styles and principles.

5. Basic methods of teaching and learning.

6. Communicating confidently.

7. Effective presentations.

8. Effective classroom management and supervision.

9. Achieving learner results.

10. Program development, and lesson planning.

11. Educational aids and technology in the classroom.

12. Assessing progress and advising students.

 Part II.  Basic Teaching Skills For Career Education in the Beauty and Wellness Disciplines. 

13. Making the student salon an adventure.

14. Career and employment preparation.

15. The art of retaining students.


Part III.  Professional Development for Career Education Instructors.

16. Educator relationships.

17. Learning is a laughing matter.

18. Teaching success strategies for a winning career.

19. Teams at work.

20. Evaluating professional performance.

Master theory knowledge which is the foundation of your education, practical skills that express the application of your knowledge and most importantly professional business-building skills that are imperative for success.

A great teacher is a lover of learning, respects the students, is accessible, enthusiastic and caring.  If you share these qualities, have a desire to teach, and want to inspire students by sharing  your knowledge and experience this program is for you.  The beauty industry is in need of quality master educators that want to inspire students to thrive as skilled estheticians.

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